The Can-Do Crew

An impactful, innovative and invigorating Social and Emotional Learning Curriculum that develops Socially Responsible Youth for Grades 2, 3 and 4.

We also are a valuable complement to an existing SEL program. 

The Value of The Can-Do Crew

  • Short, impactful lessons for social and emotional learning

  • Energetic and dynamic hands-on curriculum that is exciting for students

  • Easy to follow self-explanatory lesson plans with a flexible roll-out

  • Variety of creative teaching strategies that incorporate students’ individual learning styles

  • Interactive games, experiential learning, brainstorming, role playing, individual and group learning

The Can-Do Crew Strengthens Community by Developing Socially Responsible Youth and Empowering Problem-Solving Beyond the Classroom:

Encourages Mindfulness & Self-Awareness

& Social Awareness

Cultivates Interpersonal Skills, Positive Relationships
& Resilency

Fosters Respectful Choices & Healthy Decision Making

The Can-Do Crew Curriculum

Our curriculum is a versatile tool kit with 3 distinct Learning Units and 11 Flexible Workshops. 


Each of the 3 Learning Units can be used in its entirety or in segments.


The 11 Flexible Workshops are fun mini-lessons that fit easily into your day.

Our Lesson Plans include explicit SEL skills and creative teaching styles to accommodate all learners.

Plus, they are REWARDING and EASY to follow!

The Can-Do Crew Mission

To cultivate self awareness and encourage meaningful purposeful lives by building individual resiliency and developing socially responsible young people.

The Can-Do Crew © is a not-for-profit 501(c)3 corporation.

The Can-Do Crew

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