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Can-Do Crew Stories

Stories are jam packed with Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) skills. When reading about how the Can-Do Crew helps solve real life problems, students are highly engaged and their self and social awareness are improved. Positive decision making and constructive interpersonal skills are intertwined in all the stories.

Each short story told in rhyme has a child pondering how one person can make a difference.  After identifying a problem, the child comes up with a simple plan to solve it while enlisting help from classmates.  Together, they realize how they can make the world better!

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"Everybody's In!" celebrates the joy and importance of Friendship in children's lives and encourages Empathy, Inclusion, Empowerment, Cooperation and Integrity.  It explores the pain of being excluded and the pleasure of including others. A foundation is laid for understanding the qualities of True Friendship.

“Give-Me-Five Fridays” follows a classroom of students as they collaborate, become Philanthropists and develop and implement a Fundraising project to benefit a local food pantry. The students learn about Compassion, Commitment, Generosity, Team Work and Nutrition. 

“Making Old Friends” explores the rewards inherent in Multigenerational relationships, the values of Altruism and Consideration and the importance of Respect and Generosity. Students find the commonalities between themselves and older generations as they become Empowered to Empathize with and engage the elderly.

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