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"Be A Philanthropist"

Philanthropy, Fundraising and Commitment are three concepts that are inter-related. Students are introduced to the concept of philanthropy, are empowered to effect positive change through Fundraising and are enlightened to the concept of Commitment and its role in producing successful results. Experience Philanthropy, Fundraising and Commitment in short, fun and easy to follow lesson plans for Grades 2, 3 and 4.

If this is your first time with The Can-Do Crew, please read Before You Start

Footsteps to Philanthropy

Instilling the concept of Philanthropy early in children’s lives is important. Students broaden their self-awareness, gain a strong understanding of their own values and learn how their actions can produce positive outcomes. Through multiple teaching strategies of creative games, self expression and role play, students increase their social awareness and responsibility to become charitable world citizens.

Be a Fundraiser, Too: 

Even at a young age, a student can be empowered to help others by becoming a Fundraiser. Working cooperatively with others and developing strong relationship skills, students learn how to identify a charitable cause, engage collectively in a successful fundraising activity to benefit a local food pantry and appreciate the impact their efforts have on others.

Caring & Commitment: 

Caring and Commitment are essential and fundamental character skills for all students. After completing the “Give-Me-Five Fridays” Fundraiser, students’ self awareness and self management are heightened as they experience how their caring actions impact the success of the event.

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