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"Kindness Kid"

Teaching students to be Kind and Considerate leads them on the crucial path to becoming caring and compassionate global citizens. A critical element to this is to understand and embrace the benefits of Multigenerational Relationships on their lives. Students discover the commonalities between themselves and older generations as they are empowered to empathize with and engage the elderly. The essential positive skills of Empathy, Respect, Altruism and Generosity are also modeled in a Kindness Kid targeted for Grades 2, 3 and 4.

If this is your first time with The Can-Do Crew, please read Before You Start

Consideration & Kindness:

A Kindness Kid is Considerate. Students become “Can-Do Caring Citizens” through eye-opening experiential learning as they See, Hear and Move through an elderly person’s world. Students become self-aware and gain an understanding of other’s perspectives and how they can effectively relate to them. Their social awareness increases and their healthy relationship skills improve as students imagine how their Good Deeds will have a positive effect on those around them.

Multigenerational Relationships Community: 

Students explore the importance of Multigenerational Relationships and the reciprocal benefits that are derived from them. As they apply their Kindness and Consideration skills, students experience through interactive games the rewards inherent in Multigenerational Relationships in their lives at school, at home and in their Community. Students’ self-awareness, social awareness and relationship skills are put to task as they have the valuable opportunity to interview someone from another generation.

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